Обложка альбома DethronedChristButcher - Guitar/Vokills Than Wilson - Guitar/Backing Vokills Rick Gustafson - Bass Dave Otero - Drums Dethroned started out in an Arizonan HELL called BullHead City in 1992. Though there was such a lack of musicians interested in extreme music in the town, two came together to start writing material as they searched for like-minded, anti-christian comrades. Chris Augustin and the one now known as ChristButcher started the search, which quickly became very frustrating and ended up ultimately impossible in such a small minded, middle of nowhere place. They both ended up in different states, but vowed to keep Dethroned alive regardless. Eventually, the realization that there was not going to be any way to accomplish this union from such a distance became apparent. ChristButcher knew he had to move forward on his own, without his long running comrade. So, the search began in Colorado for members to fulfill this much needed line-up. In the process, ChristButcher joined a band called Excommunion that had all the same ideas and ferocity that he had envisioned for Dethroned. So, having all he thought he needed....... Dethroned hit the back burner once again.