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  • Трек: Yeah!
  • Исполнитель (артист): Usher feat. Lil' Jon, Ludacris
  • Длительность 4:10
  • Формат: mp3
  • Битрейт: 320kbps

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Текст песни "Usher feat. Lil' Jon, Ludacris - Yeah!"

Peace up!
A Town Down!

Lil Jon: Yeah, okay! Lil Jon!

Yeah, Yeah Yeah, Yeah yeah, Yeaah
Yeah, Yeah yeah, Yeah yeah, Yeaah

I'm in the club with my homies
Tryna get a lil V-I
Keep it down on the low key
Cause you know how it feels
I said shorty she was checkin up on me
From the game she was spittin my ear
You'd think that she knew me
So we decided to chill

Conversation got heavy
She had me feelin like she's ready to blow!
(Watch out! Watch out!)
She was saying come get me, come get me
So I got up and followed her to the floor
She said baby let's go
When I told her I said

CHORUS: (Usher)
Yeah (yeah) Shorty got down and said come and get me
Yeah (yeah) I got so caught up I forgot she told me
Yeah (yeah) Her and my girl used be the best of homies
Yeah (yeah) Next thing I knew she was all up on me screaming
Yeah, Yeah yeah, Yeah yeah, Yeaah
Yeah, Yeah yeah, Yeah yeah, Yeaah

She's all up in my head now
Got me thinking that it might
Be a good idea to take her with
Me, cause she's ready to leave
Now I gotta keep it real now
Cause on a one-to-ten
She's a certified twenty
And that just ain't me

Cause I do know if I take that chance
Just where is it gonna lead
But what I do know is the way she dance
Makes shorty all right with me
The way she getting low!
I'm like yeah, just work that out for me
She asked for one more dance and
I'm like yeah
How the hell am I supposed to leave?
And I said


Lil Jon: Luda!

Watch out! My outfit's ridiculous
In the club lookin so conspicuous
And Rowl! These women all on the prowl
If you hold the head steady, I'ma milk the cow
Forget about the game, I'ma spit the truth
I won't stop till I get em in they birthday sui